The Jewel of Jamaica
The Jewel in Jamaica's crown, Port Antonio is for the discriminating traveller looking for a secret hideaway to get away from bustling tourist traps. It is located in the greenest and lushest part of Jamaica. This is the spot which has attracted the rich and famous who need a vacation where they can enjoy themselves without intrusion.

"Palm-fringed, sea washed, eerily peaceful and almost totally cut off from the rest of the island, this sand lipped sliver of tropical splendour is without question Jamaica's best-kept holiday secret." UK Sunday Times

Port Antonio offers visitors rich natural beauty, rugged coastlines, romantic beaches and wonderful waterfalls. There are hidden coves, beautiful flowing rivers and the Blue Mountain Range rising to its peak from this beautiful lush tropical sanctuary. It has been a celebrity hideaway since Errol Flynn first fell in love with it 50 years ago.